Sunday, February 19, 2017

Look How We Celebrated WRAD17 Around The World!

Over the last week, I have loved watching all of the World Read Aloud Day celebrations, projects and connections being made around the globe.  

By following #WRAD17 on Twitter and Instagram, I was able to see all of the author, illustrator and publisher connections taking place; classrooms and libraries connecting with each other to celebrate reading, creating and learning together; and lots of amazing projects happening full of creativity and fun.  
I had such a wonderful WRAD by sharing the process of writing my new Library Skills series with Cantata Learning.  

You can read more about this connection here
Also, you can search #wrad17 to look back at all of the sharing happening last week....and continue to be shared.
And to continue the connections started for WRAD17, Andy Plemmons and I will keep up the World Read Aloud Day 2017 Google Doc, which is now 89 pages long of people connecting all over the world.

Happy WRAD Everyone....I can't wait to celebrate with all of you next year too!  

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