Monday, July 3, 2023

Celebrating The Debut Of "Sonia's Digital World" At ISTELive 2023! Look At All We Shared, Friends.

ISTELive 2023 was a dream come true as my new book Sonia's Digital World made its debut!  

This project that I have worked on with my friends at Capstone and ISTE kicks off the new partnership and the first book of the ISTE Young Innovators Collection. 

Capstone, an innovative learning company merging children’s content with easy-to-use edtech tools for K-5 classrooms, libraries and homes, announces a licensing agreement with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), an education nonprofit that supports the use of technology to accelerate innovation in education, to publish a collection of children’s books promoting digital citizenship awareness and the positive and creative use of technology and digital tools. The license includes world rights for print and digital books, with ISTE providing supplemental resources supported by the ISTE Standards, a framework for using technology to support learning.

You can read more about this exciting announcement here.
During the opening session at ISTE, Richard Culatta, CEO of ISTE and ASCD, announced Sonia's Digital World as the first book in this new partnership. 

This kicked off such an amazing week celebrating Sonia and the difference this book will make by providing young learners with fun, engaging books to help them learn to thrive in today’s digital world. 
My friend and Capstone colleague, Maerin Coughlan, Capstone's Director of Community, and I, started our time in Philadelphia in the ISTE Book Store where Sonia had a very special spot filled with...
...lots of books, I Am A Digital Explorer posters, bookmarks, stickers, educators guides, coloring sheets, the paper chain activity and more. 
You will find all of these resources here in this post. 
It was so fun to see and listen to people find Sonia's Digital World in the book store. 
The next day, we kicked off the day sharing and signing books in the Merge,
GoGuardian booths, and...
...StickTogether booths. 
We then went to the ISTELive Learning Lab where we presented...

...Bringing Sonia's Digital World To Life With Novel Effect and Merge. You will find our presentation here.

It was so much fun sharing these ideas with my friend Kathi Kersznowski, from Novel Effect, and Stephanie Lyons, from Merge. 
I loved giving away Merge Cubes since the kids use a Cube in the book to see an eagle using augmented reality.  
Next up was the author signing and book giveaway in the Capstone Booth. 
We had such a blast giving Sonia to all of our friends. 
We can't wait to see what they do with Sonia's Digital World as they bring it back to their schools, libraries and communities. 
And look at these cute Capstone and Sonia patches and charms we shared too! 

Maerin and I also celebrated with our friends in a lot of booths including Kami and...
...Flip at Microsoft. 
And John Costilla, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, was out at ISTE celebrating and sharing Sonia with others too. 
The next day, we continued to share Sonia in the Capstone booth and at the...
...School Librarians Playground where I spoke about Future Ready Librarians® with my friend and colleague, Lia Dossin, Director of Outreach and Programs at Future Ready Schools.
And at the end of that day, we celebrated being together at the Capstone Happy Hour.  We had such a wonderful time catching up with friends from around the world, including my special friends from Hawaii.
On the last day of ISTE, Lia and I shared in one more of the ISTE Playgrounds where we continued to share Sonia with even more librarians and educators. I love the ideas that came from these conversations and can't wait to bring to my students and school community this fall. 
With the theme of ISTELive 2023 being Discovery, we were so happy that everyone discovered Sonia's Digital World and can't wait to share this special project with all of you. 

You will find Sonia's Digital World on the Capstone site.  It will be available on August 1, 2023 and you can preorder your copy today. 

In the next post, I will share more about the resources and companion site for Sonia's Digital World. 

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