Sunday, July 23, 2023

Barbie Loves To Read, Draw, Research and Create With Pink...and You Can To In This Special PINK Choice Board!

With everyone talking about Barbie, we thought it would be fun to create a choice board all about pink! 

We called the choice board, Barbie loves to read, draw, research and create with PINK and you can too!

On the choice board, we added several Capstone Interactive eBooks featuring pink. You just click on the cover to get to these eBooks.  
We also added four PebbleGo articles that include pink that will be fun to research and learn more about. 

If you have PebbleGo, just make a copy of the choice board here and add the PebbleGo article links.
Then grab the link at the top of each article, as show here in the Pink Fairy Armadillos PebbleGo article, 
and link it to that image in the choice board. 
The other activities on the choice board are open to everyone so there is no need to change the links.
We also included this fun poster from our friends at Capstone. It's perfect for celebrating pink too!  

I will share this with my students on our library social and when school starts back in August. 

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