Friday, July 28, 2023

Do You Want To Share Your Story & Work On Season 7 Of The Future Ready Librarians Podcast, Friends?

We are getting ready to kick off Season 7 of the Future Ready Librarians Podcast! 

Over the last six seasons, I have welcomed so many wonderful librarians, educators and industry leaders to share their stories, passions and to discuss important and relevant topics to all of us as we lead within and from our libraries. 

You will find the Leading From The Library podcast page here

As I get ready to start recording Season 7, I am looking for new guests to join me. If you have a topic and story you would like to share and talk about, please reach out by emailing me at and let me know. 

Thank you so much. I would love to hear from you, friends. The best part of the Future Ready Librarians Podcast is all of YOU. 

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