Friday, July 14, 2023

Get The Replays Of Carly and Adam's Art of STEAM Teacher Summit From This Summer, Friends!

Did you catch the Art of STEAM Teacher Summit this summer, friends?  

This 3-day conference from Carly and Adam was packed full of amazing speakers, presentations, ideas and resources.  And guess can get the replays and 21+ hours of professional development with the STEAM Teacher Summit. 
I loved being part of the Art of STEAM Teacher Summit and had so much fun presenting, Let's Bring Literacy To Life Through Making and Technology. 

With the replay, you will hear....

...the three amazing keynote speakers and...
....all of the Art of STEAM Teacher Summit Sessions from the... 

....three day conference. 

By joining the STEM Teachers Club, you'll not only gain access to the Art of STEAM Teacher Summit but also a wealth of other resources and support to help you become a more effective STEM educator.

You'll be able to connect with the other 2,600+ members, share ideas, and get advice and feedback on your teaching.

Read more...and you can even join here today, friends. 

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