Tuesday, July 4, 2023

I Am Excited To Share The Sonia's Digital World Companion Site Filled With Ideas, Resources and Inspiration, Friends!


Hello, friends. 

I am so excited to share the companion site for my new book Sonia's Digital World.  This is the special project that I have been working on with my friends at Capstone and ISTE.  It kicks off their new partnership and the first book of the ISTE Young Innovators Collection. 

On this site, you will find more ideas, resources and inspiration for using Sonia's Digital World with your students within your libraries, classrooms, school communities and homes. 

Please scroll down to navigate through the resources and ideas. We will continue to add to this site as Sonia finds her way into my school community and others schools and libraries around the world. 

Have fun getting to know Sonia, along with her family, friends and community, in her digital world. You can find a preview of Sonia's Digital World here too. 

Let me show you around the site! 
You will find all of the Educator Resources from Capstone and ISTE linked in the site. 
These were available in the ISTE and Capstone booths at the ISTELive Conference. They print off beautifully and are the perfect additions to the book. 
Within the Sonia's Digital World Educator's Guide, you will find several activities. On the companion site, I added a few additional resources to go along with these wonderful activities. 
There is My PebbleGo Animal Research Poster.  The template is included for you to use. 

PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Create are the perfect combination for this activity too.  
On pages 16-17 of Sonia's Digital World, the kids are using a Merge Cube to view an eagle with augmented reality. All students can have this experience using a Merge Cube and the Merge Object Viewer app. 

Educators and students can follow the steps in this EdTech Activity to hold a digital 3D eagle using the Merge Cube. 
I even included a Google Slide you can use when doing this activity with your students.  And a paper cube template and video if you need Merge Cubes. 

Your students will love this activity!  It's so much fun. 
In the book, Sonia engages with others through technology and experiences that enable her to make connections.  In this activity, students will create a map to show how they are connect in their own digital world. 

You can use the My World template that is linked with the step-by-step instructions for this EdTech Activity.  I love that a robot, such as an Ozobot or Sphero Indi, could be used to travel the map they create.
This is another place that PebbleGo fits in as students can research Maps in PebbleGo Social Studies. 
I am also so excited for several partnerships we have been working on with Sonia's Digital World. 

The first is with Novel Effect.  On the site, you can get early access to the Novel Effect Soundscape of Sonia's Digital World.  It also includes the eBook so you can read right along from the app. 

The even created an amazing Novel Effect Activity Plan for Sonia!  I linked it from the site for you. 

The next one is a Digital BreakoutEDU Game that will available very soon. I will post it when it is ready. It's going to be so cool! 
And there will be more partnerships, project ideas and lessons from me and others coming too too!  

You will find the companion site at soniasdigitalworld.com

And if you didn't get a copy of Sonia's Digital World at ISTE, you will find it here on the Capstone site to preorder.  We can't wait to bring Sonia to everyone very soon. 

Thank you, friends for all of the excitement, support and inspiration around Sonia.  It means the world to me. 

Warmly, Shannon

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