Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Creating Monthly Novel Effect Posters In Canva For Our Special Read Aloud Library! Find The Template For Our January Poster Here, Friends.

One of the best additions to our library and school this year has been Novel Effect. 

In fact, we started a Novel Effect library. This has offered our teachers such a wonderful way to bring stories to life with special and important books. You can read about how we created our Novel Effect Library here

This month we started something new to go along with our growing Novel Effect Library. 

Each month, we will bring together several Novel Effect books around special topics, events and celebrations.  This month, we focused on holidays, snow and winter and the Novel Effect books that have these topics from our library. 

Once we have our list together for the month, 

I will go to Canva and create a monthly flyer for our Novel Effect books using the book covers, a Novel Effect image from their site and fun text. 

I create the collage of the book covers in PicMonkey.  You can edit a copy of this template here
You will find the Novel Effect images under the Additional Learning Resources on the Novel Effect site here.

And you can find the Canva template for this poster I created here where you can make a copy to use too. 
I printed the Novel Effect Books posters and passed them out to all of the teachers so they can post in their classrooms and keep track of all of the amazing read alouds to pick from each month.  

I paired it up with our BOOKHUB Menu can find that here

I love our Novel Effect Library and can't wait for everyone to read even more throughout the year. 
Don't miss all of the  new book activities found on the Novel Effect site here, friends.

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