Tuesday, January 3, 2023

A Fun & Easy Way To Share Our Digital BreakoutEDU Games Each Month....You Can Use This Template For Your January Digital Breakouts Too!


One of my favorite things to put together for our teachers and students every month is our monthly Digital BreakoutEDU choice board. 

Our kids love doing digital BreakoutEDU games!  They enjoy all of the different subject focused, seasonal and fun games that get them thinking, collaborating and engaging with classmates in their classrooms and with those at home learning virtually. 

While talking with one of our teachers last year, we thought it would be fun to put a few of the digital BreakoutEDU games together each month that our students could play anytime, at school or at home.  

I instantly thought to myself, This would be a great use of a choice board! 

I just create a template each month that would hold several of the digital BreakoutEDU games. I make sure to include all of the different grade levels.  For January, I included 16! 
I take a screen shot of the digital Breakout game, add it to the template and add the grade level in a box over the top. 
To share the choice board, I clicked on Publish to the web under Share.  That created a link that I shared with our teachers to add to their Google Classrooms or Seesaw and I add it to each grade level Symbaloo.

I also downloaded each game key and sent those to the teachers with that email so they will have easy access to be able to help the students with each months BreakoutEDU games in the choice board. 

You will find the January Digital BreakoutEDU to make a copy and add your own links here.

I can't wait to see what the kids think of our new Monthly BreakoutEDU Choice Board. I know they will be excited to see the NEW ones each month too!

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