Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Winter Scavenger Hunt Using PebbleGo and Research Skills...PERFECT Activity For This Time Of Year!


Our kids LOVE doing scavenger hunts using PebbleGo and other digital resources. It fun for them and a great way to tie in the practice of research skills while learning, reading and collaborating with friends. 

The Winter Scavenger Hunt is perfect for this time of year as it focuses around all things winter. 

In this activity, it contains two lesson for older students and one for younger students. I love how they even include having the older ones writing research questions for younger students. What an awesome collaborative project between age/grade levels! 

Check them out...
This includes a list of the Winter-Related Articles in PebbleGo too. 
You will find even more Lesson Plans and Activities here on the PebbleGo site.  They have included PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and Spanish options. 

And don't miss the Featured Lesson Plans throughout the year too. 

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