Tuesday, January 10, 2023

I Am A Van Meter Reader....Creating A Special Place For Our Readers To Share Their Favorite Books!

As we kick off a new year in our library and school, I love dreaming up new ways to celebrate our readers and what they are reading. 
We have this giant bulletin board outside of the library which is perfect for displaying new book promotion and advocacy ideas, and...
...the perfect place for our new I am a Van Meter Readers reading campaign. 

Let me show you what I did to created this display. 
First, I went to Canva and create the I am a Van Meter Reader logo. 
You will find the link from Canva here. To make a copy and edit, all you have to do is look for Edit button in the lower left hand corner, as shown in the image above. 

I ordered this as a 20 x 20 canvas from Canva. It turned out so cute! 
To go along with our display, 
I also made a Flip for our readers to add video book reviews. Once I had that created, I took the link and made a QR code to go onto our bulletin board too. 

As readers start to add to the Flipgrid, I will add those to the bulletin board....more in a bit about how I will do that. 

Once I had that all created, I laminated the graphics, cut them out, and...
...placed them in the middle of the bulletin board. 
For the other part of the bulletin board...the BEST part...I will gather pictures of the videos reviews our readers will post on the Flipgrid. 
I created this template using a Frame in Canva. 
I added I am a Van Meter Reader. #oneofmyfavoritebooks at the bottom of the frame. 

I then uploaded the picture of our reader and slipped it into the frame within Canva. It is so easy to do and I can do this over and over again as all Van Meter Readers add their pictures and videos to the Flip. 
It turned out so cute and was...
...perfect to add to our Van Meter Readers display. 
I will also add the FlipAR code to each so all readers can scan them to hear all of the students share their favorite books. 
On Friday, I will go around to the classrooms to get group pictures and when they come to the library for checkout, we will get their individual pictures too. 

We will also have the kids add their book reviews to the Flip. 
And right across the hallway, everyone else will be sharing on this new display, Everyone loves to read here at Van Meter. We are filling that up with pictures too. You can read all about it here

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