Monday, January 16, 2023

Collaboration + Teacher Tools + Student Learning & Creations + Student Voice & Choice = PebbleGo Create!


I love it when my teacher friends and I collaborate. It always leads to such wonderful ideas and learning for our students, and it makes our work so rewarding, exciting and fun. 

Last week, I joined my 2nd grade teacher friends at Van Meter for one of their planning meetings.  I asked them what they were working on and what I could help with as we kicked off the second semester of school. 

They told me they were working on sequence of events and asked if I thought PebbleGo Create with Buncee could work for this topic. I was so excited with this question and said, Yes! It would be perfect! And I know the kids would love using PebbleGo Create for this.

As the teachers and I talked about the plan, they told me the book they were reading and what aspects they wanted students to focus on within the project. 

We knew the students would need a graphic organizer to start. I was happy to share, PebbleGo Create is awesome for teachers to create and share things like this too

In PebbleGo Create, you can resize the page to a 8 1/2 x 11 to print on a sheet of paper if you'd like them to write on it or just share it with the students as a template. 

I made this graphic organizer by adding stickers, boxes and text to the page. 
You will find the template for the Sequence of Events Graphic Organizer here to make a copy and use.

I then created a template in PebbleGo Create to share with all of the 2nd graders. It included...
...a title page that said Sequence of Events and a place for their name, 
pages for First, 
and Last, and...
...the last page for them to share the lesson they learned from the story.

You will find the Sequence of Events template here that you can copy and use too. 
It's super easy to share templates with your students. I have our Google Classrooms connected, so when I share From your classes, it brings up all of our Google Classrooms for me to select and send the creations too. 

I couldn't wait to see what the teachers and students did together with their project.  I took a look over the weekend and this is the first one I opened up.  I just had to share it with you. 
It's amazing to see how creative and thoughtful our students are when they create in PebbleGo Create. 

Especially the last page....It is a good story that I made better. 

I think this says it all!  Our students love using this digital tool to show their knowledge, creativity and share their voice. 

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