Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Get Excited For FETC With This Special Virtual Stickerboard Gallery From Our Friends At StickTogether!

I am so excited for the FETC Conference coming up on January 23-26, 2023. 

As we get ready for this amazing week of learning, connecting and sharing, it's fun to find ways to make our presentations extra engaging, meaningful and fun. 


Well, guess what?  Our friends at StickTogether have created a FETC Virtual Stickerboard Gallery full of amazing images we can use as a way to kick off our presentations, within our sessions or even for a fun way to connect with others during the week. 

And as you know, the StickTogether Virtual Stickerboards are always FREE! 

You can find the FETC Virtual Stickerboard Gallery here, friends.  I can't wait to set these up to share and collaborate on with all of you. 

See you soon in New Orleans. 

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