Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Look For This Book! Slips For Your Readers This Year!

Our students come to the library every week to check out books.  A lot of times, they will bring slips of paper or their notebooks with the books they want to look for in the library.  I have even seen titles wrote on hands and tiny pieces of tissue.   

And a lot of time, our students will come to the library knowing they want a certain book they have seen or heard, but can't remember the title or author.  This can be super frustrating and disappointing for our readers.  

So, this year I wanted to create a special little place for all readers to write down the books they want to look for when they come to the library. 
They are called Look For This Book! 

On the slip, there is a place to write three titles they want to look for in the library.  There is even room for them to write down locations, authors, illustrators and more.  Our students love using Destiny Discover to look for their new books and find this important information.  

Let me show you how I created the Look For This Book! slip in Buncee. 
In Buncee, I found a fun background and stickers to make it look like a postcard they were using to write down the books they wanted to look for in the library.  I made a book stamp and used text to add our school and the year. 
Once I was finished, I clicked on Share in the right hand corner.  I then clicked on Download.        
This Downloaded the Buncee as a PDF and PNG. 

Once they were downloaded, I was ready to print the slips.  In my printing settings, I selected 9 copies per page... 

...which is the perfect size for students to write down exactly what they need to look for their books.  I just cut the slips apart and passed them out to every classroom, put them in the library and will make sure all of students and teachers will have plenty this year.

You will find the Look For This Book! Buncee here.  You can make a copy to print or make changes for your slips too. 

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