Sunday, August 15, 2021

A Choice Board For My "Library Skills" Stories and Songs To Kick Off The Year!

I have the perfect series to share with our youngest learners as they learn about the library, books and even staying safe online.  
It is the Library Skills Set

I wrote this series with Cantata Learning and Capstone a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite ways to introduce my students to these skills all throughout the year.  The awesome thing about the Cantata Learning books are that they are all paired with music.  Emily Arrow created and sang the music and songs and Kathryn Durst illustrated them.  
I have each book in our library and...
...we also use them online as eBooks.  You can find them here on the Capstone site. 

The songs can also be found on YouTube, so today I took each video and created a choice board to share with our students in the library and in their classrooms. 
You can find this choice board here to share with your students.  If you would like to make any changes, you can make a copy of this choice board here too. 

I hope you and your students love singing along as they learn all about libraries this fall. 

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