Monday, August 16, 2021

Check Out These AMAZING LIVE & Recorded Events From Our Friends At Crayola Education!


I love finding special events for our students, teachers and families to be part of through creating, listening, reading, learning and more.  It is such a wonderful way to open their eyes and minds to the world and all of the awesome things we can learn from one another.  

One of my favorite places to go for these events is the Crayola Education Facebook Page where they host the most AMAZING events throughout each month.  

This week they are hosting The Cool Bean with Pete Oswald with Harper Kids.  I can't wait for this one!  And I loved sharing this with our students and families on our school library social media (Van Meter Library Voice) this week too. 

Take a look at a few more they are hosting over the next several weeks....
You will find all of these events and more throughout the year on the Crayola Education Facebook Page here
Crayola Education also records every webinar and adds them to the Facebook Page here.  I love being able to look through these to share with our students, teachers and families throughout the year too. 
I even did one in March!  You will find New Ways To Use Old Crayons hosted by Follett and Crayola Education here

I can't wait for these and to see what they dream up next!  Thank you, Crayola Education friends. 

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