Wednesday, August 18, 2021

It's the 2021 StickTogether Dot Dot Contest! And A Chance For Our Students Amazing Art To Be Featured For The World To See!

Last year for Dot Day 2020, a handful of Dot Dot! images created by our students at Van Meter School were uploaded to the StickTogether Virtual Gallery. These images were used to create 100’s of Stickerboards. Thousands of participants worked together to bring all of these vibrant Stickerboards to life. 

This year for Dot Day 2021, our friends at StickTogether took the Dot Dot! image that was used most often last year, and turned it into a physical Sticker Mosaic Poster Puzzle poster for even more people to enjoy. You will find that Dot Dot! StickTogether Sticker Poster kit here

And as we get ready for Dot Day 2021, I have something very exciting to announce! 

It's the 2021 StickTogether Dot Day Contest!

For this very special contest, you can have your students create some colorful Dot Art with bright, colorful and amazing designs like shown in the images above.  The more colorful the better! 
When the images are complete, you will scan them and attach in an email to with the subject: Dot Art Contest.  Please include the name of your school and the age of the artists. Please submit only 5 entries per teacher/librarian. 

All entries must be received by September 10, 2021. 

We will select 8 finalists. Those images will be added to the Virtual Stickerboard Gallery right away. The teacher or librarian who submitted each of those 8 images will also each receive 25 FREE Stickerboard codes.  

And one of the MOST exciting parts of this contest....the image that is used the most to create Stickerboards in 2021, will be turned into the physical sticker mosaic puzzle poster for Dot Day 2022, and the winner will receive a free kit. 

With Dot Day on September 15'ish, this is the perfect way to celebrate all month long! 

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