Thursday, July 5, 2018

The AASL Best Apps and Websites Are Here To Use With Your Community!

The AASL Best Apps and Best Websites are one of my favorite go-to place for finding the best apps and websites for teaching and learning.  I have the honor of serving on the AASL Best Apps Committee and have been part of the AASL Best Website Committee for several years.  

These are always several of the best digital tools and resources to use and share with your students, teachers and families each year.  

Two things you will find super helpful for doing this are the awesome bookmarks available on the AASL website.  
You will find the AASL Best Websites bookmark here... 
In the summer, I send the PDF's of each to our local AEA (Iowa Area Education Agency) so they can be printed, cut and ready to go for the fall. 

These are one thing we cover at the Back-to-School PD Days with teachers.  It gives them a little toolbox of digital tools and apps to have and work from as we kick off a new year.  As we collaborate, it gives us a place to work from too. 

Also, at our Back-to-School Event, we have the bookmarks available for families to pick up to give them a go-to place for their children throughout the year.  I also set them out in the library, classrooms, office and even at sporting and preforming arts events.  
Under the Tools and Resources for both Best Websites and Best Apps, you will also find the ALA Annual Presentations to use in your own PD, teaching and sharing of these websites and apps.
This year the AASL Best Websites committee created an amazing presentation in Book Creator and...
the AASL Best Apps committee created a fantastic Google Slides presentation. 

And don't forget I have created two special Collections by Destiny for each of these lists too. 
....the 2018 AASL Best Websites Collection.

This week, I am kicking off my own summer learning by spending time with both the Best Websites and Apps.  I hope that use these to kickstart your own learning and plans for a new school year too. 

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