Monday, July 30, 2018

Check Out These AR/VR Tools & Resources! What Do You Use?

As we collect all kinds of tools and resources to bring augmented and virtual reality to our K12 students, teachers and community this year at Van Meter, we thought it would be helpful to curate them into different subjects and areas of focus. 

We have created a Padlet to bring together all of these tools and resources.  
You will find the Padlet here

As you can see it is broken down into different columns such as Art,  Language Arts, Music, 
Science, Social Studies/Geography, and more.  

We would LOVE to know the tools and resources you are using and having success with in your libraries and classrooms too.  Please add them to the corresponding column in the Padlet.  

Remember...they might even go into more than one column.  I added several this way too.  
 We even created a column to share tools for creating AR and VR experiences and....
...of course a column to hold our special VR, AR and Mixed Reality Tools and Resources Collection by Destiny too.

Feel free to use it and you can even ask me to be a collaborator if you'd like. 

We can't wait to see what you are using too.  Thank you for sharing, friends. 

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