Friday, July 13, 2018

Ask Your Librarian A Question With Instagram!

I love using Instagram to engage the community throughout our library, school community and the world.  It is the place we find lots of students, families, authors, technology companies, Makers and others, so being able to share and collaborate using Instagram is always a big success and fun way to stay connected. 

And, guess what?  In the new Instagram update, there is a super cool way to connect with our community even more!  
Within Instagram Stories, we can now add Questions with Stickers! 

This will give us so many opportunities to connect with our community by engaging them with helpful and fun questions of all kinds.  

Let me show you how to add a Questions Sticker to a post in your Instagram Story too!  
Pick a picture for Your Story.  Click on the little Stickers icon in the right hand corner. 
You will find the Questions sticker now.  Click on that.
It will let you change the words where it says Ask me a question... 
to anything you would like. 

You will see that I changed it to, What could you create after reading these books?  This would engage my community and get them to interact with the post from @vmlibraryvoice.
 You can also change the colors....
 and add emojis and symbols to the post. 
When you are finished, click on either Save, Your Story or Send To. You can also Add to Highlights or Your Facebook Story.  
Once you have responses, they are very easy to read and respond to as well. 

I am excited for this new feature and all that it can bring to our community. 

How do you see yourself using this feature within your library and community too? 

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