Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Adventures In Makerspace! It's The Book Birthday Of Our New Capstone Series!

Who doesn't love an exciting adventure with a school librarian?
Especially when it is an adventure in a Makerspace!  This is exactly what you will find in the new series Blake Hoena and I wrote, which come out today from Capstone!

In fact, there are four books in the series including....
both low-tech and high-tech missions.

The Capstone site states,

STEAM ahead with these graphic novels perfect for your makers! Matt, Codie, Eliza and Cyrus love hanging out in their library’s maker space. Their librarian, Ms. Gillian, has a bit of magic about her, sparking their imaginations and the occasional journey through time! These four friends really get creative as they explore everything from fairy-tale forests to the planet Mars. 
Their adventures even inspired a theme song which readers can access, along with an author interview and activity related to each book, via Capstone 4D, Capstone’s free augmented reality app.

We love the graphic novel styled illustrations by Alan Brown.  They really bring these adventures to life in such a fascinating and creative way.  This series will surely hook any maker and reader!  
These will now available from Capstone. 
You will find them on the site to order

I will be sharing more over the next several weeks on how these books came to be and the process of writing these books with Blake.  

We can't wait to hear what you and your students think as you bring our Adventures to Makerspace to your library, classrooms and community too.  

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