Sunday, July 22, 2018

SmartyPins....Putting Trivia On The Map!

As my family and I make our way back home from Colorado to Iowa today, we are having so much fun playing something new for us...

As their tagline says, Putting Trivia On The Map!  It is a blast to answer all of these awesome trivia questions and we learned so much along the way. 

Here is how you can play too...
 Answer as many questions as you can before you run out of miles.
 Submit answers by dropping a pin of the map at the correct location. 
Miles are lost by placing the pin incorrectly. Bonus miles are gained for quick thinking.
Earn trophies for advancing through the questions.  Challenge friends and show off your awards. 
To start playing, you can either Start a New Game or Select a Category, which will take you.... 6 Favorite Categories including Entertainment, Sports and Games, Arts and Culture and more.

We clicked on Start a New Game and it took us....
 ...through lots of fun questions.

It brought up a question and we decided to Take a Hint, 
 ...which gave us a helpful little tip in figuring out where the clue was located.
To answer the question, you just have to move the pin around on the map and click on Submit Answer when you want to place your guess.  You need to remember, there is a time limit when answering.
 Yay! We did it! A fun little box comes up and the pin says Nailed It!  
When we answered one of the them incorrectly, it gave us a message that said how many miles away our answer was from the correct location.   I really like this feature because it showed us the number of miles and correct location.
After a few, Smarty Pins gave us an inspiring little message on how well we did and to encourage us to Keep Playing.  

I can see a lot of ways to use this with students.  It is great for geography, history, art, following directions, fun and so much more.  
Smarty Pins reminds me of another favorite of ours, GeoGuessr which lets players guess places around the world.  You can find GeoGuessr here

Have fun with your students finding your way around the world!  

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