Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Friendmoji Fun To Use From The Library, Classroom & So Much More!

I have been having the BEST time sending my family and friends Freiendmojis of us together. 

I surprised Hagan today, 
 read with my sister Heather and...
 ...rode along with Eric.
This obsession came along after my friend and teacher librarian partner Jessica Rabe made a few of us together...
to use throughout the new year.  

Ever since that, a lot of people have been asking me how to do this because they want to create their very own Friendmojis too. 

You can do this in Snapchat and also through texting and sharing!  

Let me show you how, friends. 
So here I am texting my friend Nikki on my iPhone. I have the Bitmoji app and use it a lot in my texts, and in Facebook when sending messages too.
It is important to remember to sign into your Bitmoji account with your Snapchat account. Also, make sure you have enabled full access to the Bitmoji keyboard under Settings.

I go to send Nikki a Bitmoji and you will now see this little icon with two faces....it is circled in the hot pink above.
 Click on that and it brings up all of your Snapchat Friends.  I picked Nikki and it....
brought up all of the Friendmojis with her and I together.

You can choose the one you want and send it to your friend or use it in an email, poster,
....or even like Jessica and I are going to use for our brand new Well Red! Van Meter School Library Newsletter this year.  

The possibilities are endless! 

Have fun sending your friends Friendmojis today!  
And follow me on Snapchat so I can find you and send one to you too! 

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