Monday, July 2, 2018

Call Numbers Can Be Seen In Collections by Destiny Now!

Guess what, friends? 

Call numbers can be seen in Collections by Destiny now! 

When adding a resource from Destiny Discover, your call number will be displayed in Collections.  
Take a look at these entries from the Collection above. You will see that the Call Number is shown next to the Resource Type. 

In the one above, it is a Digital Resource with a call number of 500. 
 And take a look at these.... Digital Resource found in or Everybody section,
 Digital Resource with a call number of 979.8,
and a Book on the shelf found in the Everybody section again.

This little addition is going to make a BIG difference for your readers, teachers and families as they use Collections to find, read and share different resources too.

And of course for you as you plan for another amazing year in the library!

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