Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Year Of PebbleGo....Connecting Content To Literacy!

Our friends at Capstone have created the perfect companion to PebbleGo and the way we use it with our students through collaboration with our teachers and librarians in the classroom and library.

And the best part....A Year of PebbleGo Connecting Content to Literacy includes 52 lessons that support comprehension, research skills, project-based learning, differentiation and all of the things we love about PebbleGo.

As stated on the Capstone site,

Why are the five senses important? What can I find in my neighborhood? Young students are bursting with many questions about the world in which they live, and PebbleGo, the popular K-2 subscription database, offers articles to answer those questions and more. But what can you do to support student comprehension through PebbleGo and really make the most of this rich resource? 

Now there's a way to connect science and social studies content to literacy skills while tapping into the wealth of information on PebbleGo. A Year of PebbleGo provides opportunities that guide comprehension of PebbleGo articles. Included are 52 lessons to enhance comprehension and research skills. Most lessons are also rounded out with collaborative project-based learning and differentiation support. With A Year of PebbleGo, you can help young students build the knowledge and skills needed to take them to the next level.

I had the honor of writing the forward.  With PebbleGo being my favorite go-to database for our young learners, I can't wait to weave these lessons throughout our curriculum at Van Meter this fall too.  
You can find A Year of PebbleGo on the Capstone site here.  It is available in August 2018. 

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