Monday, July 18, 2016

Where Does Pokemon Go Fit In The Library & Within Education?

In the last week, photos like these have been popping up everywhere on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all kinds of media. 

I loved reading Sarah Bean Thompson's post Why Pokemon Go & The Library Is A Perfect Partnership on the ALSC blog.  These two photos are from her post.  You will love reading the thoughts and ideas Sarah has shared. 
Hagan and I haven't tried it out yet but we can't wait to see what we catch in the library and other places around Denver and our neighborhood this week.  

My friend Kat and her daughter Ella have seen the population of teenagers in their local park sky rocket with all of them trying to catch Pokemon and others.  
When we Googled information about Pokestops in Denver this awesome map and post popped up that gave us lots of tips on finding some around us. 

If you search for tips and information in your neighborhoods, I am sure you will find lots of help too.

And the big question that has been brewing with me.... Where does Pokemon Go fit in the library and within education? 

I have lots of learning and testing out to do with Pokemon Go.  I can't wait to experience this phenomena too. 
We have put together a Pokemon Go In Libraries and Education Pinterest Board to help us all learn and share together.  

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