Monday, July 4, 2016

Louise and Andie, The Art Of Friendship by Kelly Light...A New One On Our Shelf!

I love adding new picture books to our library.  I love sharing them with my family and reading them aloud.  I especially love picture books about friends and art, so this new one is perfect for me!

It is called Louise and Andie...The Art of Friendship.  
This is the second book about Louise and Art by Kelly Light, who is the author and illustrator of both.

Kelly has done such a wonderful job with these two books....they have become two of our favorites.
In Louise and Andie..The Art of Friendship, a new neighbor moves in by Louise and she is thrilled to find out Andie loves art too!  It is the best day ever until they have a few differences on what they are creating.
But liking the same thing doesn't always mean you agree on it.  Can they overcome their creative differences?  

You must read this book and find out!

Also, visit Kelly's website that is filled with fun.
I love the Louise Loves Art Teacher's Guide which you can download for yourself.

My amazing friend Emily Arrow created the Louise Loves Art song this year too.  This will be so much fun to play, learn and dance to as you share the two Louise books too!

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