Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jokes and Jingles...Look How Mrs. P Can Help With Storytelling!

With the Cantata Learning Jokes and Jingles series coming out in a few weeks, we were planning lessons and projects to tie into these fun new books.

We thought it would be perfect to have our friend Mrs. P visit with children about creating jokes and jingles since she is a professional comedian and storyteller. 

I visited Mrs. P on her website at
On her website, there is an online learning lesson called Mrs. P's Magic World of Reading, Writing and Storytelling, which is a wonderful way to introduce storytelling.  

You will find the lesson in this video on her website.  Your students will love it! 
Mrs. P has also included several lesson resources including this Imagination Launcher.  
You can find the Jokes and Jingles series on the Capstone website here.  These are four that your students will love!  

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