Friday, July 29, 2016

You Will Love The New Fall 2016 Cantata Learning Books and Songs!

Over the last several months I have been looking at bits and pieces of the 2016 Cantata Learning titles.  

I browse through several books and illustrations. I listen to a song.  I look at a series and think about how they work together.  I watch videos being created and shared.  

But yesterday when several of the Fall 2016 series were spread out at a meeting we had in Minnesota, I couldn't help but be excited!  

There are so many awesome new series including Animal Kingdom Boogie, School Time Songs, Fairy Tale Tunes, My First Science Songs...STEM, and even more. 

These books and songs were everything I excepted and anticipated...and so much more!  
Even my little friend Ella felt the same way as she looked and listened to the Cantata Learning books too.
There are so many amazing new stories and songs!  I cannot believe the diversity of these and the subjects that Cantata dove into within this season.
I am in love with the new fairy tale series.   These are going to make a splash and I promise you will love them too.
One of my favorites is is Blake Has The Blues by Blake Hoena, illustrated by Luke Flowers.  
You can look at all of the Fall 2016 titles on the Capstone website under Cantata Learning in the product section.   These are available to order now too.  

The music and books will also be featured on the Cantata website very soon.  

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