Wednesday, July 27, 2016

3Doodler Design Challenges....Perfect For Inspiring & Creating In Our Makerspaces!

One of the first things we put into our Makerspace were 3Doodlers.  The students loved creating with them.  They definitely inspired the creativity we expected for our space.

Since then, the amazing people from 3Doodler have brought so many fun things to our students, libraries, classrooms and homes.

Today I was excited to see something new!

They introduced the 3Doodler Design Challenges.  These are modules to help teach students how to solve everyday problems using the materials around them. 
 You can find the Design Challenges on the 3Doodler EDU website here.
 You will find the Participant Guides to...
five different Design Challenges.  The student and facilitator guides are free for everyone and can be downloaded from the 3Doodler website.

Thank you to our friends at 3Doodler!  Not only have you created a powerful tool of creativity and inspiration for our learners, you have also given us concrete ways to bring this to our students within libraries, classroom and communities.  

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