Monday, July 25, 2016

Two Elephants Sing & Dance Through Counting With Your Students This Week!

Two elephants went out to play upon a spider's web one day. 
They had such enormous fun that they called for two more elephants to come.  

I can't think of cuter lyrics and illustrations to get our children excited about....
counting, playing and 10 little elephants playing on a spider's web one day!

In the Cantata Learning Song of the Week Two ElephantsSteven Anderson and Tim Palin take our readers on a wonderful adventure with these fun characters and words.
 Not only are the lyrics....
and music playful and engaging,
the characters in the illustrations come to life!  This is one of my new favorites from Cantata.  
Like all Cantata Learning titles, the music is available in a CD in the back of the book.  The music is also available online that you can stream or download for free. 

The Two Elephants music can be found on the website here
Yesterday, we shared a brand new wonderful lesson plan on the Cantata Learning blog too!

You can find it here where it can be downloaded in color or black and white.
The objectives of this lesson tie in math concepts by having students skip count by two's.  
I love the Technology, Music & Art, and Language Extensions too.  

Everything you will need for this lesson are right here in the plan. 
You will find more information on Two Elephants at the Cantata Learning website. 
This book is part of the Sing-along Math Songs series.  There are...
four very fun titles that your students will love as they learn all of those important math concepts that are essential for our youngest learners.

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