Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lots Of New Fairy Tales To Read, Sing, Pair & Love From Cantata Learning & Capstone!

I love fairy tales.  

I love reading, sharing and collecting all kinds of fairy tales.  They are one of my favorite type of story to share with children....especially my own over the years.  

And kids love them too!  

We also know the importance of using fairy tales as they are identified in ELA standards to help children understand basic components of a story such as plot and protagonist, along with comparing and contrasting.

I couldn't be more excited for six new Cantata Learning titles that make up the series Fairy Tale Tunes.  These will be new favorites to read, sing and share in your library, classroom and home too. 

They have added music to these classic fairy tales so students can sing along and join in on the adventures with several of our favorite characters including...
 Cinderella...A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme, 
 The Gingerbread Man...A Favorite Story of Rhythm and Rhyme, 
 Goldilocks and the Three Bears...A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme
 Rapunzel...A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme
 Snow White...A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme
and Three Little Pigs...A Favorite Story in Rhythm and Rhyme.
Each Cantata Learning song is available on their website to stream or download just like with Cinderella shown above.
You can read this post Build Literacy Skills with Musical Fairy Tales on the Cantata Learning blog.
And you will find and can order the Fairy Tale Tunes on the Capstone website
With these wonderful new fairy tale songs to add to our library collections, I would love to share a few more with you that are new for the fall from Capstone too. 
I adore this new series of Multicultural Fairy Tales which tells different version of the same across cultures.
There are three to five versions included in each book.
This series would be great fun to pair with the Cantata Learning Cinderella book and song as they compare and contrast the cultures and point of views in each.  

They could have a lot of fun with this by writing their very own Cinderella version by researching other versions from around the world. 
WOW!  Now this series Fairy Tale Mix-Ups is so awesome!

In this brand new series which includes 4 titles, the fairy tale character have gotten all mixed up and wandered into each other's stories. 
Children will love these as they play around with the stories, words and illustrations in their mixed up settings and characters throughout each book.  
It would be a blast to pair up Cantata's Three Little Pigs with Three Blind Mice Team Up With Three Little Pigs.  

The characters are all very different, but I am sure would have a blast showing up in the same story and song!  

You should see what your students can come up.  
One more that isn't new, but is one of my absolute favorite fairy tale series.....The Other Side of the Story.  

These are fairy tales from the antagonist point of view.  
I could not keep these books on the shelves, so I added them to our collection as eBooks too.  The kids couldn't get enough at school and home.
One of my favorite projects of all was when I took Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten and turned it into an augmented reality scavenger hunt with my second graders.

You can read Our First Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt Through A Fairy Tale eBook With The Second Graders here.
It was so much fun digging into the characters, setting and fractured part of the fairy tale using clues and resources embedded throughout the book.
They even had to use PebbleGo to research apples, the fruit that was found with Little Red Riding Hood in the story.

There are several that match up from this series to the new Cantata Learning titles....Cinderella, Goldilocks, and Rapunzel.   
As you can see, fairy tales bring imagination, collaboration and creativity to our readers in such special ways.  They are shared within projects, through the school community and...
within our homes too.

These new fairy tales from Cantata Learning and Capstone bring storytelling to life through reading, sharing, singing, creating and collaborating in such beautiful ways.

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