Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PebbleGo Next Science From Capstone Is Here....You Don't Want To Miss This One!

One of my students favorites places to go in the library and at home has always been PebbleGo from Capstone!  Any chance they the library, classroom and of course, at home.  

My upper elementary students and teachers would always say,  I wish PebbleGo was for older kids too. 

Well, guess what?  

Now it is! 
Capstone has PebbleGo Next States, American Indians and this month they rolled out PebbleGo Next Science.  

These are perfect for older students with longer articles correlated to grades 3-5 Next Generation Science Standards but still have the easy navigation we love about PebbleGo. 
Each PebbleGo Next database also includes these elements above, which makes it a must for every library and classroom.
I couldn't wait to dig in deeper today to PebbleGo Next Science.

And I can't wait to share what I found with all of you!
There are four main categories in PebbleGo Next Science including...
Earth Science including Atmosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, and Planets and the Solar System; 
Life Science including Biological Dangers, Genetics, Human Anatomy, Life in an Ecosystem and Plants and Animals, 
Physical Science including Energy, Forces and Motions, Matter and Waves; and...
The Field of Science including Jobs in Science and Science and Engineering Practices.  
Eric and I just went to Kauai last month, so I was drawn to the articles in Geosphere in the Earth Science category.
I wanted to see what I could learn about the beautiful land features we saw there.
Each article includes several tabs across the top which take you to additional information.
A video is also included.  Kids always love these....just like in PebbleGo and the other PebbleGo Next databases.
Each article includes Related Articles.  These are articles that they will find in PebbleGo Science.
The Dictionary, Activity and Citation are also part of each article.
In the Dictionary, they can look up definitions, see the parts of speech and listen to the pronunciation of words.
I love the Activities included with each!  These will be a helpful addition for teacher librarians and all educators.

Even a great tie in for learning at home during the summer and throughout the school year.
You can print these off from the articles Activity link.
Within Citations, they will find several styles and tips for citing sources.  They can print these off or copy and paste to use within research and projects.
There are a few really fun things found through PebbleGo Next Science including several Games and...
Questions of the Day.  
Within each PebbleGo Next and PebbleGo database, you will find valuable Teacher Resources that include National Standards, Lesson Plans and...
Reproducibles such as Research Templates and Activities.  
One more thing that you cannot miss in PebbleGo Next Science are the Video Experiments.  There are three right now but more coming very soon.
I watched one and was so impressed by awesome experiments they do in the Capstone Science Lab. Kids will love these too!
Along with the video, a transcript of the experiment available to be downloaded.  These are especially great for students with hearing impairments.

There is definitely something for every teacher librarian and educator here.  
You can sign up to get a free trial of PebbleGo Next here.

Read more about all of the PebbleGo Next databases too.

I know you are going to love PebbleGo Next Science and find dozens of ways to use this with your students during the upcoming year.

This is a very special addition for all of us.

Thank you Capstone for bringing us another PebbleGo Next that will surely make a difference!  

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