Monday, July 18, 2016

"Mom..Do The Dab" With buncee!

If you hang out with young people, I am sure you know what it means to Dab, Wip and Nay Nay.  

Hagan loves to Dab and is always showing and asking me to do the dab too.  

Last week when I was talking with my friends at buncee about how much young people love these fun dance moves, they created stickers of Hagan and I doing the dab.  
You can click here to see the interactive buncee they made of us dabbing.
You can also create their own buncee of dabbing characters by clicking here.

When you search Dab in Clipart three will come up that you can then pull into the digital canvas.

I just showed Hagan the new characters and he can't wait to create a buncee of his friends dabbing too.

This is just one example of how buncee can be used to connect students to the things they love.

By searching for Clipart, Images, Videos, Interactive Stickers and inserting photos, audio and other elements, they can showcase these passions with this powerful digital storytelling tool.
You can get started with eduBuncee by clicking here too.

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