Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sharing Art Using Minecraft & Creatubbles With Others Around The World

As Creatubbles was honored as one of the AASL 2016 Best Websites at the ALA Annual Conference, I heard some very exciting news from them.

Creatubbles has partnered with Minecraft to bring us a way to share original art in Minecraft!  I couldn't wait to dig right in and figure this out.

You can read all about the announcement and collaboration on Creatubble's State of the Art blog here.
I have lots of young friends, including Hagan, who will LOVE this new opportunity to share their art work in one of their favorite platforms. This will change things all around.
In Minecraft, you can create virtual worlds.

In Creatubbles, you can share artwork with friends and add to global galleries so others around the world can see them.

Combining the two has created a very special way to learn and share together.
There are so many different ways this can be done.  Perhaps it is by inserting original artwork into the game or saving and storing screenshots of your Minecraft builds in an online gallery.

It is the perfect place for our creators to showcase drawings, paintings, sculptures, fabric work, photography.....anything!
 Just look how cool this is!
I can't wait to use this collaboration with children.  They will be over the moon to bring of their favorite sites alive with their very own creations.

Thank you Creatubbles and congratulations again on your AASL Best Websites honor.  

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