Wednesday, October 27, 2021

We Are Getting Ready For A Special Flipgrid Live Event On November 4th With This Choice Board About Amanda Gorman With PebbleGo


We are getting ready for a very special Flipgrid Live Event on November 4, 2021 with Amanda Gorman and Loren Long.  This event is to celebrate their beautiful new book...

...Change Sings, A Children's Anthem. 
As our teachers and students read and discuss Change Sings this week to get ready for the event, I also created a simple choice board for them to use in the discussions and learning around the book. 
In PebbleGo, there is a new article about Amanda Gorman.  I paired this with the video of her reading The Hill We Climb at President Biden's Inauguration. 

It is the perfect way to bring background knowledge to our students before the Flipgrid Live Event next week.  

If you would like to use this choice board template with your information, you can find a link to the Google Slide here.

And if you haven't registered for the Flipgrid Live Event, Learn How Change Sings Inside Us All, you will find the link here

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