Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Making Lots Of Plans With Ozobots, Toy Cars, Virtual Tours and This Choice Board For The Macy's Day Parade!


With the Macy's Day Parade coming up next month on November 25, Thanksgiving Day, 
we are also counting down at Van Meter as we plan for a few of our favorite activities around this fun event. 

To start, I put together the Learn about the Macy's Day Parade choice board shown at the top of this post.  It is filled with special places to learn, celebrate and create with the Macy's Day Parade including a read aloud from KidLitTV of Balloons Over Broadway, this years parade lineup including my favorite and new balloon Ada Twist, the Macy's Day Parade site and more. 

You will find the choice board here to share with your students and if you would like to make edits you can make a copy of the choice board here

In the upper left hand corner, you will find another choice board that takes our kids to the Macy's Parade Studio for four tours of the Design Room, Production Room, Workshop and Floats, and Paint and Balloons.  
These can be used with the MERGE virtual reality headsets or viewed on a device.  And the choice board has the links embedded or scan the QR code with a device. 

You will find this choice board here to share with students too. 

We use this choice board and the virtual tours to get our students ready for lots of wonderful projects using their creativity and the Ozobot robots or toy cars as they collaborate to create floats and routes together. 

You can read about these projects here

I hope you and your students have lots of fun planning your celebrations too!  

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