Tuesday, October 5, 2021

I Added 3 Monster Books From Amanda Noll & Storyline Online To The October Choice Board, Friends

Our kids LOVE Amanda Noll's monster books!  They are some of the scary favorites in our library. 
In fact, I Need My Monster is one on this month's You've Been Book'd list here at Van Meter. 
So, tonight when I saw that How I Met My Monster is a NEW video on Storyline Online, I just had to make a little choice board with all three of the monster books read by different actresses on Storyline Online. 
You will find this choice board with the three monster books by Amanda here on this choice board.  And here is the editable version
I also added this to Our October Choice Board under...
...the Reading section.  You will find Our October Choice Board and all of the details here in this blog post from earlier this week. 

Have fun sharing these sweet stories with your students and teachers too, friends. 

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