Friday, October 29, 2021

Celebrating Día de los Muertos With A StickTogether Poster In Our Secondary Spanish Class!


Earlier this month, I gave our middle and high school Spanish teachers...
...the Day of the Dead StickTogether poster to help them celebrate Día de los Muertos in their classrooms. 

StickTogether was new to both of the teachers but they were excited to try them out. 
And guess what?  Our older kids loved doing the StickTogether posters together! It was so fun to see pictures of all of our middle and high school students working together... complete the poster.   They worked on them in between classes during passing time.
And it has been fun to watch the design appear.  
I am bringing a Halloween and Day of the Dead StickTogether poster with me to school today for a fun little giveaway to two teachers as we celebrate Día de los Muertos and Halloween.  
The Halloween Scene is on sale right now and you can find the Day of the Dead StickTogether poster here.

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