Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Look How You Can Hold A School or Library Fundraiser With StickTogether That Will Have Your Whole Community "Sticking Together"!

Last spring, we held a StickTogether Fundraiser at our school before summer break and it was a huge success!  It was so much fun to bring something to our families where they could "stick together" throughout the summer. 
We sent out the form from StickTogether to our students and families offering lots of different StickTogether sticker mosaic puzzle options including...
...a custom image of our school logo!  Many people bought this one including lots of our teachers.  

We made $10 for each poster sold, which brought lots of new books and resources to our library. 
When the delivery came from StickTogether it was easy to get the sticker mosaic puzzles organized and delivered to all of our students for them to...
...take home and work on throughout the summer. 
When they finished the sticker mosaic puzzle, I had families send a picture to me and put them into Our Virtual StickTogether Stickerboards Gallery at Van Meter Padlet. 

You can read more about how we set up our Virtual StickTogether Gallery here in this post.
Here is the special announcement about the StickTogether Fundraiser that will...
...give you the details you need to bring this special event to your school or library too. 

You can click here to email StickTogether to set up your StickTogether Fundraiser.  

It is such a special way for families and friends to have even more fun sticking together over the holidays and throughout the year.  As I shared, our families sure did! 

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