Sunday, October 17, 2021

Look At The Special Kindness Postcards From Our Friends At Google's Be Internet Awesome!

Our kids LOVE Google's Be Internet Awesome!  It's one of our favorite tools to use for digital citizenship with our students, teachers and families. 

They have created a special activity for Kindness Month, which we are celebrating in October...

Kindness Postcards!   
Using the Google Slides they created, our students can send a virtual postcard to spread kindness by adding a compliment or some kind words 
They have even included Stamp Stickers to add a special little touch to the place where the stamp goes on the Kindness Postcard. 

You will find the Be Internet Awesome Kindness Postcards here in this Google Doc where you can make a copy to share or download to print too. 

Happy Kindness Month, friends. 

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