Sunday, October 17, 2021

Join The "Developing Digital Detectives Book Club" Today, Friends


One of the most important roles teacher librarians play within the library and throughout the school community is teaching information literacy. News literacy is such big piece of that and I have been reading a book that truly will help me, as a teacher librarian, and my students, teachers and families too. 

It's called Developing Digital Detectives...Essential Lessons for Discerning Fact from Fiction in the "Fake News" Era by Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins.  As shared on the ISTE site, 

The current news landscape is driven by clicks, with every social media influencer, trained and citizen journalists chasing the same goal: a viral story. In this environment, where the race to be first on the scene with the most sensational story often overshadows the need for accuracy, traditional strategies for determining information credibility are no longer enough. Rather than simply helping students become savvy information consumers, today’s educators must provide learners with the skills to be digital detectives – information interrogators who are armed with a variety of tools for dissecting news stories and determining what’s real and what isn’t in our “post-truth world.”

This book:

  • Shares meaningful lessons that move beyond traditional “fake news” protocols to help learners navigate a world in which information can be both a force for good and a tool used to influence and manipulate. 
  • Includes resources and examples to support educators in the work of facilitating engaging, relevant (and fun!) instructional opportunities for K-12 learners, in both face-to-face and digital learning environments. 
  • Unpacks the connection between social-emotional learning and information literacy.
  • Includes access to the Digital Detective’s Evidence Locker, an online collection of over 100 downloadable and remixable resources to support the lessons in the book.

As the authors state: “Remember, the detective’s job is NOT to prove themselves correct. Their job is to detect the truth!” This statement reflects the way they approach the lessons in this book, providing clear and practical guidance to help educators address and overcome this ever-expanding issue.

I was so excited to hear from Jennifer last week when she shared the Developing Digital Detectives Book Club! The book club is free for everyone.  

You can learn more and sign up here.  The meeting dates, times and topics are found there as well.  

I signed up and can't wait to dig into this book with Jennifer and Darren, and so many other librarians and educators as we learn how to develop digital detectives too. 

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