Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Our NEW 2nd Grade Book Club Pop-Up Library Is Now Open For Reading!


It was an exciting day at our school.  We opened our NEW 2nd Grade Book Club Pop-Up Library! 

This is a special literacy project the 2nd grade teachers and I have been working on for the last few months and one that we couldn't be more excited about. 

In this earlier post, Bringing Together Print and eBooks In A Very Special New Way For Our 2nd Grade Readers, I shared the process and work behind this project.  

To start the school year, the teachers have been sharing the different Capstone series and books to get their students familiar with the characters.  The books were housed in the library and they bring the books they want to their classrooms throughout the week. 
To go along with the book clubs and to give our readers another place to connect to these characters and books, we also had the idea of using the Capstone Interactive eBooks we have to create Our Virtual Capstone Book Club Library!

There are 12 different choice boards focused on several of the Capstone series. 
With the choice boards, I created posters that include an image and QR code for them to scan if they'd like to read it on a device. 
The teachers have the laminated posters up in their classrooms

And now for one of my favorite parts!  

The teachers have also been making a black and white copy of each choice board.  
The students use these as a way to keep track of every book they are reading within the Capstone series. 

As you can see, they are very proud of their reading achievements...
...and when I come into their classrooms, they can't wait to show me all of the books they have read. 
I love how the teachers have given them choice within this reading program.  
This means the world to our readers. It truly shows. 

And today, when I caught one of our reading groups gathered around the 2nd Grade Book Club Pop-Up Library, 
...the smiles on their faces said it all!  

We are all excited to have it open for lots of reading, connections and memories this year. 

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