Friday, October 22, 2021

The October Library and Technology News From Our Library Is Out! Check It Out Here, Friends.

It is very important to share all the great news happening within and from our libraries and programs. 

There are lots of ways to share our library and technology news including sharing on social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok; within Google Classroom and Seesaw; on library and school bulletin boards and electronic displays; the main school website; social media accounts and newsletters; through emails; using digital tools like Flipgrid and Buncee; at the public libraries and more. 

I use a lot of those methods together to make sure I get our library and technology news out to everyone, no matter where they pick up their news. 
To start, I love using Buncee by Capstone to create my newsletters.  
Using Buncee, it allows me to upload lots of pictures and student work, which everyone loves to see what the kids are up to and what is new to our library and technology program. Buncee also lets me add stickers, animations, text, shapes, images and even more to create an engaging and fun newsletter. 
For the Van Meter Schools October Library and Technology News Buncee Newsletter this month, I included news about our Follett Book Fair, new books and technology we have, our October choice boards and a little paragraph about the innovation happening with technology, literacy and more. 
In our newsletters, I always make sure to share how to connect with our library through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at the Van Meter Library Voice.  This is helpful as we share our newsletter at these places. 

If you would like to see our Buncee Newsletter, you can check out a copy here. Feel free to use this template for your newsletter too. 

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