Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The BEST News! Buncee Is Now Part Of The Capstone Family!


Today, is a BIG day for two of my favorite educational tools and resources. 

Buncee is now part of the Capstone family! 

Over the coming months, this integration will give our students endless ways to engage with the Capstone content and create with Buncee to demonstrate and share their understanding in exciting and meaningful ways. 

As shared in the press release from Capstone

Pairing Capstone’s collection of trusted curriculum-aligned content with Buncee’s intuitive creator tools will make it possible for young learners to “read and create.” The move directly advances Capstone’s mission of helping kids succeed by making learning fun. Now, students will have a creative outlet for sharing their ideas and expressing their understanding of educational content.

Adding Buncee’s interactive creator tools to Capstone’s offerings means even students as young as K-2 students “read and create” in three steps:

1. Safely engage with content that interests them

2. Demonstrate what they’ve learned

3. Share their creations with classmates, teachers, and family members

We have seen this first hand at Van Meter School as we have used Buncee and Capstone together is so many ways that has made learning come to life for our students.  As you think about what this integration will mean to your students, teachers and school community, let me show you five ways we have used Capstone and Buncee together. 

1. Our 2nd graders love using Buncee for their PebbleGo Research Journals! 
In this learning mashup, we collaborated with Buncee to create several My PebbleGo Research Journal Buncee templates our students could pick from as they started their journal at the beginning of the year.

Each student personalized the cover with photos and videos of themselves and stickers, animations and text that represented their learning. 
Throughout the year, as they researched, read and learned using PebbleGo, the 2nd graders took this knowledge and turned it into interactive pages in their Buncee Research Journals.  It was the perfect connection to show what they loved about what they were learning. 

You can read about this project here in this post

2. Our 3rd graders take part in our Mystery State Buncee Project each year. 
In this project that you can read about here, our students researched a state using PebbleGo and Capstone eBooks to create their Mystery State Buncee.  
When they finished the Buncee, each group added their Buncee to this Buncee Board so others could guess their state.  We shared this with our students at Van Meter and other students around the world. It was such exciting and fun learning! 

Check out the Mystery State Buncee Board filled with our 3rd graders Buncee's to see if you can guess a few of their states too. 
3. Buncee Man went on a trip with the Van Meter students for the My Ticket For Around The World Research Buncee Project. 
In this project that our 1st through 6th graders took part in, each student picked a country they wanted to travel to virtually and learn more about.  

Using choice boards filled with PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and Capstone eBooks around each continent,
our students filled in the My Virtual Travel Journal template in Buncee... share what they learned about their country and to celebrate why they wanted to travel there for this project. A lot of them made connections to their own travel and family heritage. 

You can read about this global research project here
4.  One of our favorite ways to use Buncee and PebbleGo together is when we kick off this creative learning with our youngest learners.  

Our kindergarteners pick anything they want to research using PebbleGo. We encourage them to pick something they are passionate about because when they go into Buncee to start creating, we see little sparks of excitement and this truly lights up their learning, hooking them for the next interaction with both platforms.  

You can read about how our youngest learners using Buncee here
5. We use PebbleGo and Buncee with numerous projects throughout the school year that are focused around events, celebrations and important topics.  By brainstorming and working with my friends at  Buncee, we have brought together amazing templates our students can use during these times.  It makes the events and celebrations even more special and something that our learners will remember for years to come.  

One year we did this for Women's History Month using PebbleGo Biographies to fill out the Women's History Month Research Journals. You will find the post, PebbleGo + Buncee ... A Special Place For ALL For Research, Learning and Creation for Women's History Month here.  
As you can see, the connections between Capstone and Buncee have brought so many wonderful things to our students, teachers and families over the years. 
This partnership is something that I have dreamed of so many times and couldn't be more excited to have it be a reality now for everyone in the world to experience with their students and school community too.

A BIG congrats to my friends at Capstone and Buncee!  With this, you will all continue to make such an important and essential impact in the world of education, librarianship and especially in the lives of young people everywhere. 

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