Saturday, September 4, 2021

Building Social Emotional Skills While Hanging Out With The Best Class Around..."Mr. Grizley's Class" From Our Friends At Capstone!

There is a brand new series of books from Capstone that I can't wait to tell you about, friends. 
It's called Mr. Grizley's Class by Bryan Patrick Avery and illustrated by Arief Putra. 
Take a look at the book trailer for Mr. Grizley's Class. This is perfect to share with our readers as we introduce them to this wonderful new series. You will find it here

Mr. Grizley is teacher to a class full of fun, smart, students! With Mr. Grizley’s quiet, kind guidance, these kids love to work, play, and learn together. Each story in this early chapter book series focuses on a different classmate and is especially designed to build social emotional learning skills, complete with a related activity at the end of each story. Read along to hang out with the best class around—Mr. Grizley’s Class!
I love all of the connections that can be made to strengthening social emotional learning skills, friendships and classroom relationships with this series, not to mention the meaningful activities at the end of each story that teachers, librarians and students will love. 
For example, in Cecilia's Fund Raiser
Mr. Grizley notices Cecilia puts out her sad emotion card and checks in to see how he can help.  He is always there to help his students. 
In the back of the book, there is even an activity called Let's Make Emotion Cards. I love this idea and can't wait to share with our guidance counselor and teachers so our students can make some too. 

On the Capstone Back-to-School site, you will find these awesome bookmarks too.  
I downloaded them from the site and printed them in color.  They will be fun to share as these books come to our library and classrooms.  

This series is also available as an eBook.  

We have them in our library collection so I took all four titles to make the Mr. Grizley's Class Choice Board which will be part of our NEW Capstone Book Club Library and Virtual Book Club Library for our 2nd graders at Van Meter.  

You will find the Mr. Grizley's Class series here on the Capstone site. 

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