Friday, September 3, 2021

New Spaces, New Faces, New Signage and More For Our Library This Year!

We kicked off the year in our library with some big changes and new additions.  
To start, Brittany Marks, joined our library team.  She will be teaching the Library related arts classes in the library throughout the year. Diana and I are so excited to welcome Brittany, especially because she was one of our students at Van Meter. 
We also did lots of redecorating and additions to our sweet little library space. 
When I found this beautiful poster from Brooke Brown, I had it blown up into a big poster and brought it to the library.  The colors and feel became the inspiration for our library. 
This now hangs over the long Makerspace counter and storage. 
With the poster having a boho style, I thought it would be neat to add a little boho rainbow theme with these cloth panels I found on Amazon.  They are wall panels but had a sleeve across the top for a tension rod.  
We have 5 windows in our library that face the lunch room so they will look nice from both sides. 
Diana reminded me that we had four Andrea Beaty posters that go along with her books, so we put these in frames to hang on either side of the windows in the area where the students sit at the carpet. 
We are creating a mural up above our big cabinets and will hang the metal library letters over the top.  I can't wait to do this in a few weeks. We added these new curtains to the storage cabinets too. 
In our old secondary library, we had a giant chalkboard that the kids loved!  Now, we found a place to do one in our elementary library.  

My friend, Angi, came and painted this long space with chalk paint. It's going to be such a fun space for the kids and teachers to be creative and collaborate together. 
She also found two big canvases for around $10 a piece on clearance.  Angi painted the chalk paint on those too and we will use that as a place for message throughout the year.  
A big change was the library signage.  
Again, I wanted to tie in the boho rainbow theme so we created a design with colors and a font that would be perfect in our library.
I spruced up how we displayed the signage with these wood frames. These will go with each section of the library collection on the top or sitting on the shelves. 
I used Command Strips to hang some from the side of shelves too. 

You will find our library signs here to make a copy and use them for you library. 
With these changes, additions and reorganization, a little bit of new life has been brought into our library at Van Meter.  Our students love the new spaces, new faces and new programming we have planned for this year. 

We can't wait for the best year at the Van Meter Library yet! 

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