Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Let's StickTogether For Dot Day With This Virtual Choice Board Collaborative Activity!

It's Dot Day and we are doing all kinds of special activities and projects at Van Meter. 

I set up this super fun online activity for our students to collaborate and create together. It's the Let's StickTogether for Dot Day choice board activity. 

Here is how it works.  

I created the choice board above that says Let's StickTogether for Dot Day.  I added the pink circle that says Click Here and then added a link to a Virtual StickTogether Stickerboard I set up. 
Here is how I set the Virtual StickTogether Stickerboard and got the code. 

I went to this link
I pasted the CODE I got when I purchased the Virtual Stickerboards from StickTogether.  
Once that it submitted, it goes to the Virtual Stickerboard Gallery where you select an artwork. This is the image the players will build together in the Stickerboard.  
Once it is selected, you give it a Project Title, Name, Message, and more.  
This is also where you get the link to use in the choice board. Just click the circle and hyperlink the link to the Stickerboard. 

Now, when the kids click on the circle, it will take them directly to the special Dot Day Virtual Stickerboard.  

I can't wait to do these with our students as we celebrate making our mark on the world today. 

You will find the Virtual StickTogether Stickerboards here
And you can make a copy of the Dot Day StickTogether Choice Board here

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