Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Your Students Can Learn About Constitution Day With PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, eBooks, Buncee & More In This NEW Choice Board & Buncee Activity!

This Friday on September 17, we celebrate Constitution Day. To support the learning at our school, I put together a choice board with online resources including articles and eBooks from Capstone and DK Find Out.  We are also using a PebbleGo Lesson Plan and Buncee, which you will find these ideas at the end of the post. 

Let me show you how I put the choice board together for Constitution Day. 
First, I went into our Capstone Connect and searched Constitution. 
PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and Capstone eBooks came up in the search. 
I took a screen shot...
...of the PebbleGo article on Constitution Day and The U.S. Constitution, 
the PebbleGo Next article on The U.S. Constitution, and several eBooks.  
I also found an article on DK Find Out about The US Constitution and added it to the choice board. You will find this article here.

To link the images in the choice board, you just have to grab the link on the right hand side of each entry and add them to the choice board. 

You will find a copy of this choice board here where you can make a copy and change up to use with your students and teachers too. 
Capstone also has the PebbleGo Lesson, The U.S. Constitution, which has everything you need including...

...this graphic organizer template to use when researching in PebbleGo. You will find it here.
And our students are using Buncee to share what they know using the awesome templates, stickers, animations and text that tie into The Constitution.  I love how they can link the PebbleGo article in their Buncee too! 

This will be a great way for our students to explore and learn about this important day. 

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