Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Write Our World....Multicultural eBooks By Kids For Kids

My friend Leigh Zeitz, who is a professor at the University of Northern Iowa, wrote me about a project that he is involved in called Write Our World.  

As soon as I went to Write Our World,  I knew that I would fall in love with this amazing global literacy project too.  
As the site states,

Write Our World is a new social enterprise that promotes multicultural literacy and global citizenship through eBook authoring with youth worldwide.  Our innovative educational resource allows students to learn authentically from one another and deepen their connections to their heritage while building skills for their future.  
I would love to share what I know from spending time on the site tonight with you.

Children will be able to Read others books and Publish their own stories too. 
In fact, 382 authors have already written 117 books in 25 languages. 
These can be found in The Library within the site.
I went to a few of the books in the Library.  

I was moved by the stories that were told.  

There were photographs, text in all kinds of languages, hand drawn illustrations and the voices of the children who wrote the stories reading them.  
 You will find everything you need to participate in Write Our World, under The Books tab at the top.
You will find that The Technology used to create the books is the Book Creator app.  

Since this site is funded by donations, everyone who registers to participate receives a code to create and publish books with Book Creator for free. 
Under Printable Resources you will find important information to use with the project including a Parent Permission Slip and Publisher's Certificate that you can give your students after they publish books. 

I am very excited about the possibilities, hope and love Write Our World will give children, teachers and communities around the world.  I also plan to contribute to this project. 

I hope you bring this to your students too.  

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