Friday, November 17, 2017

A Special Collection For Coding & Hour of Code!

With Hour of Code coming up on December 4-10, I want to share this awesome Coding Collection I put together for you and your students to use at school and home. 
This is the Coding Collection filled with sites, apps, games, resources and more.  You will find it here

The Coding Collection can be shared with librarians, teachers and of course students.  There is something for all age levels.  

Coding is also a wonderful and important skill to be practiced and discussed at home so this Collection would be the perfect thing to send to families too.  
When I first starting coding at my school, I brought Hour of Code to our library for the week.  It was a meaningful and important introduction to an essential skill that we must teach our students.  

It was such a success that we used all of the coding resources throughout the year and never missed another Hour of Code again. 

I hope this Collection will bring you the resources you need.  Please reach out if I can answer questions and let me know what I need to add to the Coding Collection too. 

Happy Coding, Friends.   

You can read about and find all of the resources for Hour of Code here.

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